bday wishes(non inscrit)
bday wishes You've awesome info on this web-site.
cv(non inscrit)
Awesome page, Continue the good job. Thanks for your time. cv
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Great Webpage, Carry on the very good work. Many thanks. egipt
tyron(non inscrit)
Excellent Website, Preserve the wonderful work. thnx. tyron
Daniel Noël DEBARNOT(non inscrit)
Votre travail et vos oeuvres m'ont beaucoup plus . Vos portraits et la serie sur la nature sont superbes
Au plaisir de voir vos photos.
See you soon
Daniel Noel DEBARNOT
fred kempa(non inscrit)
Tu nous invite à une promenade picturale remplie de poésie.Ton regard sur les choses est surprenant.
anne gottero(non inscrit)
Bravo Heko. Ton regard est plein de poésie. Tes photos sont fantastiques. Tu as vraiment beaucoup de talent. Que dirais-tu de classer tes photos par thématique ou bien de partir sur une thématique et de la creuser à fond ? Tes images racontent tellement d'histoires que l'on a envie de plus...
JM Périnet(non inscrit)
Très jolies photos. J'aimerais savoir faire aussi bien...
J'espère pouvoir admirer prochainement vos photos de la balade en montgolfière :o)
Bonne continuation !
marijke smijtink
Nice series of pictures. Not many new photo's though, but I know your work. The copyright sign is probably unavoidable? I do hope buyers don't think they will get this sign on their photo's? In any case I wouldn't want it on my picture!
Are you working on new material? I do think your portraits are good.I think you could expand on that subject and be successful. And you know I love the structure rich ""paintings"", (difficult to express exactly), like the streets and walls with rough objects, or tiny leaves, or the ad hoc ""theatrical"" viewpoint, I actually bought that one!
If you have to live from photography you have to sell pictures, it's a law.
I would like to draw your attention to my website - see below - where you may post your work, offer it for sale with your adress etc if it fits the category that is animals in art.
I wish you success Heko!
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